Tailored lighting creations

In these Series we provide tons of options to create the lighting fixture and ambience that fits precisely to your needs. It’s the pinnacle of customization because every product can be tailored to your wishes. It’s the redefinition of fast, flexible and sustainable. Ideal for every project, office, store or home.

Applications enriched with unique and perfectly fitted illumination creations


Create a unique store experience which can be easily adapted to new trends without wasting materials. Tailor your lighting design with circular economy ready luminaires.


Tired of going through all those fancy and expensive catalogues? Create exactly the ambience you want with your own Bespoke Design.


Feel at home at work, following the latest trends. An easy-to-change lighting design without wasting materials and with superb lighting quality.

Our Series

We create customized products around existing Series, such as pendants, downlights and projectors. These standard basic designs can quickly be customized and developed to your exact needs. We are constantly extending what we can do for you with new Series and new capabilities in each Series.

Albert Heijn Decorative pendants for food retail

Albert Heijn wanted a signature element to draw attention to the fresh product display. The pendants can be replaced by a new design easily, and material can be re-used. A flexible, bespoke and sustainable solution.

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Aware of the latest news

Spice up the veggies

Easy to change glowing objects at Albert Heijn

Uniquely designed luminaires accent the Albert Heijn in Purmerend.

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Functional, decorative and innovative

A new indirect deco downlight

Tailored to your preference downlight, with various cut-outs available so it always fits.

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Custom luminaires developed & delivered in a week

A speedy solution for Conad

Product development, manufacturing and delivery in a week. Customized products, delivered on your timelines.

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